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  • As a sufferer of cold sores I have tried a wide range of different cold sore products. When we started stocking Propovir in our pharmacy I thought I’d try it & I was quite impressed with the product. I would recommend it to cold sore sufferers over the other brands. Hellen, NSW..
  • I have suffered cold sores all my life and have used everything, ointment and vitamins, however was really impressed with your product. Usually when I get a cold sore it can take up to two weeks to heal completely. After using propovir it healed completely in 8 days. The stages were not as severe, and it did not erupt into blisters due to your product. I will be using this solely from now on as it is the best I have ever used. ..
  • Hello. This is not an enquiry but more of a “thankyou” email. I have suffered from cold sores for over 20 years, and I came across this ointment on a pharmacy website.  I have tried every known “cold sore” cream, ointment, tablet on the market, but to no avail (they always seemed to increase in size and more often than not spread as well), so I thought I might as well try this one.  And thank “God” I did.  This is the only ointment that literally stops them in their tracks.  They decrease in size and hardly even go to the blister stage at all.  I have recommended your product to other sufferers and they have thanked me immensely for the recommendation. So, I once again pass on my Thankyou’s as well as theirs, for finally bringing out an ointment that helps heal cold sores!!!! Kelly, WA..
  • As a cold sore sufferer I absolutely love this product and it’s always my first choice recommendation! Fiona, SA


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