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How does Propovir treat cold sores?

The Active Ingredient

Cold sores are nobody’s friend and need treatment the moment they appear. Propovir is a naturally derived and clinically proven cold sore treatment, acting to shorten lesion healing time and reduce pain associated with cold sores*. This naturally based treatment contains propolis extract ACF® (Antiviral Complex of Flavonoids), click here to read more about this natural active ingredient.

Clinical studies supporting propovir

Clinic Study Results

Propovir soothes and moisturises your cold sore. And because it’s an ointment Propovir is transparent on your skin, unlike some cold sore creams which leave a white layer of cream on your lip. Our goal is to heal your cold sore as quickly and painlessly as possible to make sure you don’t suffer longer than necessary! Propovir shortens healing time and reduces pain associated with cold sores*

*Compared to no treatment.
Hoheisel O, Journal of Clinical Research 2001; 4: 65-75.
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General lip blister information guide

Lip Blister

Cold sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) and normally lasts from seven to ten days. Many people acquire the virus without any cold sore symptoms, however others experience lip blisters which can be very painful. Traditional antivirals only help when the cold sore is in the very early stage of development. Learn more about cold sore triggers and how to prevent spreading the virus.